Episode 3: Malaga Spain

    I must confess we went to Malage becasue I needed to urgently get in person CEU's for the renewal of my therapist 's license and there was a System Theory Conference for me to attend. Musch to my delight, I loved this city and the thrifting was really great, much better than Ireland and on apr with Portugal. The beaches were breathtaking, the architecture was stunning and the weather was lovely at that time of year, alternating between chilly and warm. Here are the links to the best places to score vintage (in my opinion) in Malaga:

    • Rastrillo Solidario: Centro de Acogida San Juan de Dios, Charity Shop, C. Coronado, 1, 29008 Málaga, Spain
    • Flamingos Vintage Kilo Málaga, C. Ollerías, 27, 29012 Málaga, Spain
    • Mosaico Vintage, C. Esparteros, 29005 Málaga, Spain
    • Epoca segunda mano, Calle Casapalma, 9, 29008 Málaga, Spain
    • JOAN Vintage Charity Shop - Fundación Cudeca, C. Salvago, 3, 29005 Málaga, Spain

    Not only was the thrifting amazing, the sights were truly enchanting. I never took a train, bus or car, the city is very walkable (wear comfy shoes though). And my god the PASTRIES! We went all over the place but our favorite spots were some tourist locations truly worth the hype and some off the beaten path parks. Here they are so you don't mis out on the culture:


    • Picasso Museum, Palacio de Buenavista, C. San Agustín, 8, 29015 Málaga, Spain
    • Catedral de la Encarnación de Málaga, C. Molina Lario, 9, 29015 Málaga, Spain
    • Málaga Park (Parque de Málaga) Paseo del Parque, 1, 29015 Málaga, Spain
    • CAC Malaga Museum, C. Alemania, S/N, 29001 Málaga, Spain
    • Mirador de Gibralfaro, 29016 Málaga, Spain
    • Jardin de los monos, Pl. Victoria, 29012 Málaga, Spain
    • Dock promenade, Muelle Uno, Local 50A, 29016 Málaga, Spain
    • Centre Pompidou Malaga,Pje. del Dr. Carrillo Casaux, s/n, 29016 Málaga, Spain

    Episode 2: Dublin Ireland

    Friends of Autism and ADHD Laurena House, Dublin St, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin, Ireland 

    Vincent's Balbriggan 73 Drogheda St, Tankardstown, Dublin, K32 E207, Ireland

    Enable Ireland Thrift Shop Drogheda  32 Shop St, Lagavooren, Drogheda, Co. Louth, A92 NXY3, Ireland

    Irish Cancer Society 37-39 Shop St, Lagavooren, Drogheda, Co. Louth, A92 KR52,

    Betty Bojangles   77 Thomas St, Saint Catherine's, Dublin 8, D08 H2T6, Ireland

    AirBnB stay was incredible, thanks Anne and Mark!





    Episode 1: Lisbon Portugal

    Humana Vintage R. dos Fanqueiros 197, 1100-204 Lisboa, Portugal and Av. Alm. Reis 104 - B, 1150-022 Lisboa, Portugal 

    A Outra Face da Lua (Baixa) R. da Assunção 22, 1100-044 Lisboa, Portugal

    Flamingos Vintage Kilo Lisboa R. dos Douradores 168, 1100-207 Lisboa, Portugal

    Reuse Second Hand and Vintage Rua da Esperança 24, 1200-109 Lisboa, Portugal

    AirBnB stay was so authentic and conveniently located, thanks Joana!







    amazing stuff

    the apartment

    so much charm

    first castle

    pretty skies

    Beautiful Buildings

    peacocks everywhere

  • SEASON 6 is all about BLACKS WHO THRIFT

    Amplifying Black Voices in the Thrift Community

    broken image



    This series was inspired by events of 2020 and 2021 in which countless public acts of violence against members of the Black community in America were perpetrated and made uniquely visible in social media. The calls for justice, representation, support, reparations, and inclusion in my Instagram community made me take stock of my allyship. A review of the guests on the show demonstrated a failing on my part to be as inclusive of Black voices as I could and should be.


    In the interest of DOING BETTER and making it known that I stand with POC in this country, this limited series features Black thrifters from all around the USA sharing their individual passions for thrifting and sustainability. Each voice in the series illustrates the diversity and creativity to be found among Black Thrifters, who are not a monolithic group, and the willingness of the guests to share and inspire has been absolutely incredible.





    I also want to give back to the amazing BLACK LIVES MATTER platform, which galvanized the advocate side of me again, so all the advertising proceeds collected during the season will be donated to the Black Lives Matter movement (I also want to amplify but not profit from these voices).


    I hope you will join in the effort made here to bridge the gap and connect through our share passions, all while making money for a great cause--All you have to do is LISTEN, SUBSCRIBE, REVIEW AND SHARE the episodes. If you want to do more, visit Black Lives Matter to donate directly to them. If you want to support the show, you can make a monthly donation to the Podcast, visit our PATREON.




    broken image

    A dynamic community of Black thrifters and resellers, inspiring people to change the way they view fashion.

    Tag #BlacksWhoThrift to be featured!

    Key on starting BWT: "People were constantly telling me along my journey how “Black people don’t thrift” and it’s something that we don’t do; and I knew that wasn’t true. And I was so driven and motivated to create a community that looked like me, and loved thrifting just as much as I do. I was driven to create a movement."


    Empowering You To Embrace Your Own
    “Keys To Fashion”✨
    Where Resale Fashion & Media Meet


    I am a 29 year old resale fashion entrepreneur from Boston, Massachusetts. I own my own resale fashion media brand called Key To Fashion, and I also run the community organization Blacks Who Thrift. I have always loved fashion, and how it has allowed me to express myself without even having to speak..


    With my own resale fashion brand Key To Fashion; I strive for people to feel how I felt at 15 years old when it comes to embracing and discovering their own personal style. I strive for people to feel a sense of freedom and liberation when it comes to being themselves, in a world that is constantly telling them not to.


    Although, I have always loved fashion, and grew up going to flea markets; I didn’t start thrifting until I was in my sophomore year of college. At first I had my own preconceived notions about this realm of fashion, but Im grateful I was open minded; because here I’m years later so dedicated and committed to this realm of fashion.


    broken image


    A small tagline

    As I mentioned, I hit two stores in about an hour and a half, spending 45 minutes at each. Plato's Closet goodies are the hat ($18) dress ($12) Gold skirt ($10, NWT) and Sweater ($14). Two blankets were $18 bucks apiece at the Goodwill. Doesn't my daybed look incredible now that it is graced with this amazing handwoven throw? If you have ideas about the blankets origins, email me!

    broken image



    Every interaction helps the podcast get out there and raise more money.


    broken image



    📷Inspiring You To Tell Your Own Style Story
    ⚖️Follow/Tag #ChicCityGirl for Feature Opp
    ✉️Collab: ChicCityGirl01@gmail.com



    Brenda was so much fun to chat with about thrifting. She has such a great POV on working women, taking up space, and being SEEN! Here talk show on Instagram is called TALK IS CHIC and you should go follow her so you can listen every Friday.  The style diary she has on Instagram is worth the follow alone, see the photo here for a taste. I can't wait to meetup with her again in real life!



    broken image
    broken image


    The Dress

    Here is the antique  dress Brenda tells about finding in her best thrift story, and she ended up scoring it for only TWENTY DOLLARS!!! She keeps it on this mannequin in her home, a fitting homage to a gorgeous vintage piece. 

    broken image

    CHICAGO MEETUP with Brenda and Paisley Stone

    Family Thrift

    I arrived in Chicago on a Wednesday evening at 5 ish, dropped my husband off at the Air BNB and went straight to the thrift store. I was already deep into it when the others arrived. Brenda was stopping by briefly as she was packing and flying out of town the NeXT morning, Paisley was in the middle of moving, so we all has some thrift constraints but had a fun time digging through the stuff anyway. I definitely bought the most, go figure. Here is the store we went to :

    Family Thrift Store

    2160 N Milwaukee Ave · (773) 394-1115



    broken image

    Derrick Johnson



    Derrick | T H R I F T • I N F L U E N C E R
    Host| Sunday Shine Series
    •tik tok| @thriftedgentlinktr.ee/thriftedgent


    broken image
    broken image
    broken image


    Meeting Val

    Such a fun thing to make a new thrift friend, especially when they live in your neighborhood and like the same things you do! And she knows how to get all the gorg MCM furniture around town. Tell me all the things Val! Below are the things I got from her, cant wait to get them in my home.


    Shop her online store at www.instagram.com/lovebirdcollect

    broken image
    broken image


    broken image

    Tyler Chanel


    Ethical Blogger ♻️



    Digital Creator

    💵Creator of Influencer Rate Calulator
    📷LA Model @rolemodelsmgmt
    🎤Podcast Host @theorangecollab

    broken image


    broken image

    Justin Tune

    Digital Creator


    Gamer 🎮
    @justins.ipod x @peachpigeons
    Digital Media Consultant 🔌
    🟣Twitch: JustinTuneGaming
    Business Inquiries: justin@imnotjustintune.com


    broken image


    broken image
  • Season 5 Thrifty Decor

    A 6 Part Series Featuring Thrifty Decorators and DIY Ideas

    broken image

    Jenasie is a "vintage treasure hunter, interior obsessed, mother of 3, wife, and owner of Ms Vicious Design." She is THRIFTY of course, designing on a budget using thrifted goodies,vintage finds, heirlooms, and bold colors. She is also quite HANDY and does loads of DIY projects she features on her blog. sell vintage home decor and furniture locally in Salt Lake City at Salt & Honey Market and Haight Ashbury Home.

    S5E5: Ms Vicious Design

    Ms Vicious Designs available at:


    broken image


    broken image

    Haight Ashbury Home Salt Lake City

  • Show Notes

    S5E4: Hanzian_Bus

    broken image

    The Blue Bus

    Hanna talks to us about Bus Life and what motivated them to live smaller and go mobile. The couple wanted to start their life debt free even while growing a family. They have created a sustainable and inspiring sustainable lifestyle and are well on their way to achieving their goals.

    broken image

    The Mini Kitchen

    Ag limps at the stove Hanah mentioned on the podcast and what their bus kitchen looks like. Isn't her style cute? I love the butcher block counter tops and blue cabinets! And remember the majority of the interior is repurposed materials and DIY projects.

    broken image

    The Thrifted Baskets

    That is quite a collection Hannah! I can see why you had to parse and resell them as little bundles! The arrangement is really goodthe way it is so well done thrifter!!

    S5E3: Vintage Coop

    broken image

    LaVee's Corner

    Curbside Finds

    The Thrift Gods smiled on me during curbside pickup scavenging, I got $1000's worth of camping gear, those three deck chairs and tables, as well as a bunch of stuff not pictured here.

    broken image

    Guest Profile

    Vintage Coop

    Wife, mom, teacher, thrifter and junker who likes to turn your trash into her treasures. Her Instagram page is full of great ideas showcasing eclectic farmhouse style.

    S5E2: Thrifted Queen

    broken image

    LaVee's Corner

    Dusty Groove Records

    These are the records from Dusty Groove in Chicago, the bottom left one is the one I reviewed.

    broken image

    Ally's Natural Habitat

    Thrift Queen Ally knows how to hunt down a thrift find like a big game huntress. Here she is on the prowl for something special. Be sure and visit her website to get all her best thrift tips and styling ideas for body and home written with your vintage lifestyle in mind.

    S5E1: Sadie Seasongoods

    LaVee's Corner


    Here is a video of T I L L Y Chicago, how amazing is this shop??


    Special content like this is available when you pledge at any level over on Patreon, PLUS thrift bag levels of $10 and above include thrifted goodies sent to you in the mail.

    broken image

    Guest Profile

    Sarah of Sadie Seasongoods

    Meet Sarah, a corporate scientist turned full time DIYer who promotes "approachable repurposing and upcycling projects using vintage treasures and thrifted finds" to help you create a more beautiful and sustainable home. She has a passion for giving "the broken, the neglected, and the tossed" new life and wants to encourage others to live a more creative, less disposable life".

    S E A S O N 5 : Decor DIY Series

    The long wait is over! Season 5 is dropping 3/5/22. Due to lots of family and life circumstances (some good, some stressful), a longer than usual break was necessary. While on hiatus, this miniseries of 6 episodes featuring DIY and thrifted decor was planned and recorded. I hope you enjoy the guests and boy do I have some thrift stories for you--just because I was on break from podcasting does not mean I stopped thrifting! IF you want to help Thrift Therapy keep going (season 6 is now in the planning stages), please consider a donation via Patreon or Paypal. You financial gifts all go back into the mission of the show. Alternately, please leave a review on itunes or give the show some stars to help boost the rating and help others find it. Thanks for listening and tell a friend! XOXO, LaVee

    broken image

    NEED MORE THRIFT THERAPY? Join the Patreon page to get between season content

    S4E12 Finale: Men That Thrift

    It is the end of Season 4 of Thrift Therapy and as a special treat to end Instagram Fashion Season, I have a panel of thrift influencers who identify as male. We discuss why style is important across genders, how social justice issues effect self expression, and what man-repelling is to name a few. And they each use Instagram to document and inspire other average guys to put their personalities on display using fashion, please give them a follow and cheer them on.

    broken image


    "Thrifty Benjamin"

    Ben is a student and resides in Denver CO. He has an eclectic androgynous style that has him looking for all the weirdest things he can lay hands on when he thrifts.

    broken image



    Rey hails from San Francisco CA and hosts thrift meetups every couple months to help introduce others to the art of thrifting. His style is a mash up of modern "sneaker culture" and dandy.

    broken image


    "Gnome Floof"

    Marsh does the norm core thing on a regular basis and loves a hipster vibe. He proudly flaunts his thrift style on campus in San Antonio TX, where he teaches college students philosophy.

    S4E11: 3 Domains of Thrift with Thrifting Diva Anaya

    broken image
    broken image

    Meet Anaya, Thrifting Diva

    She has it all!

    This busy mom, wife, JAG lawyer, and thrift stylist knows a thing or two about how important BALANCE is to being an entrepreneur. She runs a successful and robust online influencer business doing home DIY, thrift styling, and fashion collecting on all the platforms. Visit her website to book a style consultation, read her blog, and see what she is all about.

    broken image

    Anaya's Thriftsagram (you see what I did there?!) is a gorgeous display of her approachable style. She has a sophisticated way of putting together her consignment and thrift finds that so many people can relate to. While she says she doesn't have go-to brands, her look screams Lord and Taylor to me. I hope you visit her page, and if you like what you see give her a follow.

    broken image

    Birthday Thrift Trip

    Thrift Bestie

    See that gorgeous woman in the Kimono Dress (yes it is thrifted)? That's Estrella, my best friend for 15 years, and we love to thrift. For her birthday this year she wanted to beat my Austin thrift trip path. So we headed to CIS in New Braunfels where I scored that gold bookend (solid brass) and that egg yolk tapestry (signed to boot). She got that gorgeous dress. We also went to a "Gucci Goodwill" right outside of Austin near Slaughter Ln where I got that bar cart, gold fan, and orange Gianfranco Ferre dress. The next day we went to Texas Thrift on our way out of Austin where I got the turquoise caftan and that floral print dress (my fave of the trip), she got some awesome yellow cords and a pair of Indian silk wrap pants. To see pics of my bestie in all her thrifted finds, visit her on Instagram !

    broken image

    3 Domains

    Balance is KEY

    As Anaya and I discussed, in order to feel like our truest self, we need energy from and to our self (SELF DOMAIN), others we know (RELATIONSHIP DOMAIN), and others we don't necessarily know (WORLD DOMAIN). I think thrifting hits all three domains for me and that makes it something of extra value in my life. Hopefully this worksheet is helpful to you in some way but. as always, this is not a substitute for therapy, just a therapeutic tool. Stay healthy, stay balanced and STAY THRIFTY Y"ALL. XOXO, LaVee

    S4E10: Educational Thrifting with Thrifty Witches

    broken image


    A Pink Hat

    Thrifted this little cutie recently for $2. Not a costume but whatever, Halloween is everyday right?!?!?!? Hope you are having a fun holiday and go get your thrift on. I posted some recent thrift hauls on the Patreon feed, go join for the fun and extra content, get a thrift bag if you are of a mind to.


    Your host, XOXO LaVee

    broken image

    Thrifty Witches

    Educators That Thrift

    Meet Shannon, Lindsey, and Trisha! These three friends and teachers are based in Arizona and they love to thrift together. Their passion for thrifted fashion drew the attention of their students, who encouraged them to post online about their wardrobe. Flash forward a few years and they have evolved from an Instagram presence to a blog and a subscription service. Check out their content and enjoy the show!

    broken image

    Therapy Tool

    Self Care Assessment

    Everyone needs to self care! The more stress you have , the more you may need. Yet, time, money, and / or energy are hard to come by But instead of neglecting self care , why not make some adjustments on the costs? This handout can be useful when trying to understand what sort of self care you need, what that might look like, and most importantly, ideas that are resource friendly.

    S4E9: Euro Thrifting with Thrift Babe Sammy D

    broken image


    Thrifting Europe for the Clothes on Her Back!

    Sammy D is a one-of-a-kind-person that has an infectious energy and zest for life that is hard to miss. She also happens to be very knowledgeable about vintage, reselling, and the global thrift scene. this past summer, she planned and executed a solo trip around Europe to thrift for clothes. Taking only underwear and workout gear, she set of on the adventure of a lifetime, hitting 8 countries in 29 days. In the episode, she names some of her favorites, how to plan such a trip for yourself, and some of the lessons she learned.

    broken image

    Thrift Babes


    "Helping women live their BEST lives in looks for less."

    THRIFT BABES is the FREE Facebook community managed by Sammy Davis, founder and thrift style digital entrepreneur, author/speaker and facilitator. THRIFT BOSS BABES is a PAID monthly subscription group for reseller education and buying/selling of our finds. Message admin Sammy Davis for more info.

    Thrift to Reduce Reuse Relovv with Alex


    broken image

    Alex Shadrow, CEO RElovv

    broken image

    3rd Generation Sustainability Entrepreneur

    Alex Shadrow stops by Thrift Therapy to dish about sustainability and style, discussing how her company Relovv helps make a dent in the enormous amount of waste generated by the fashion industry. Relovv is a buy/sell site that promotes community values and eco-conscious choices: she has been quoted as saying "Do not underestimate how important your mission is to a values-driven Gen Z'er...The why behind what they do is critical" (7 Things to Know About Working With Gen Z, Business News Daily). Her 'why' is a commitment to her family's legacy of working in sustainability industries and a genuine passion for protecting the planet from waste. In keeping with her values, she is offering listeners a chance to join the relovv community by using the hashtag #ONEPLUSRELOVV on social media to commit to using an item at least one more year: post a pic, how long you have had it and #plusonerelovv, and she will repost on her own sites. She is also offering a ONEPLUS invite code for all those who want to join Relovv for a limited time.


    broken image

    Values Exercise

    To understand what makes life meaningful to you, you need to know what your values are, where they came from, and how to meet them. 1) List your values words (look online for values words if needed but only select what resonates. 2) Define what each value means to you—what behaviors tell you that value is present, or absent (f you get stuck, think about what pisses you off and then write down the opposite of that) 3) Identify where you obtained each value (i.e. experience, family, media, culture, faith, etc.). 4) Rate your own behaviors using the scale—how often do behave like the definition you wrote down (if not often, consider updating your definition to reflect your current situation ).5) Circle 3-5 values that would be the most difficult for you to live without, these are your core values. Make these your priorities when making choices and/or seeking clarity.

    S4E7: The 5 T's of Thrift Life with Debra Rapoport

    broken image

    Debra is a native New Yorker who has been expressing herself through style since the tender age of 3. She uses everyday found materials that exist in the environment to create amazing wearable art, including her famous hats.She says "Anything can be a hat!" and I believe her. Some of her work is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. She has an MA from UC Berkeley and has taught at UC Davis, NYU, Banff School of Fine Arts and at the Museum of Arts and Design. Notabley, she has also taught workshops at Eileen Fisher for their "Green Eileen" initiative using recycled clothes and for the past 4 years has been part of the blog Advancedstyle.blogspot.com.



    with Age,


    with Style

    Debra Rapoport drops in and tells us about thrifting NYC for decades, DIYing your own fashion, and letting your inner child out to play. Also, she gives us ideas for making our own HATS!

    broken image

    S4E6: Thrifting Saved My Life with Angelique Thrift Store Stylist

    broken image
    broken image
    This is the last episode before my vacation, I will be back September 29th. In this episode, Angelique Thrift Store Stylist stops by and tells us all the things. We discuss the importance of mental wellness, self acceptance, and living your best life in a sustainable way through the power of style. Her journey is inspiring and she tells us how finding her way has been difficult but incredibly rewarding.
    The therapy tools of the week are self love and acceptance related.
    broken image

    Record Review

    Barry White's The Message is Love

    I got this gorgeous record at St Paul and Peters in New Braunfels TX for $1.50 last month along with half a dozen others . The record is in perfect condition with no scratches at all. I played a clips from a couple songs, one ballad (Love Isnt Easy) and one dance track (It Aint Love Baby), because we talked a lot about self love in the interview portion of this episode. I gave it 4 stars/Nagels; the average rating on Google is 3 stars but i really like the cover art so I bumped it one. If you find it in the wild, I say get it if less than $3.

    broken image

    Don't you just love a full cart?!


    broken image

    Texas Thrift is the first thrift haul I mentioned in which I got a bunch of vintage housedresses. and all these vintage labels--GOLD!!!.

    broken image

    S4E5: Thrifting Elevated Layers with Roxy

    broken image

    Elevated Layers is a garment rotation service that provides creators with access to luxury labels that add value to their own personal brand and social media content. Each shipment is sustainably packaged with 4 unique designer pieces per month tailored to the customer's needs. Elevated Layers mission is to help alleviate the hassle of fast fashion purchases + returns, high credit card debt, and wasteful consumption while also providing fresh looks to keep social media style content new and exciting.



    What Roxy wants you to know about her: she comes from a styling background and wants to close a gap in the market. She has created a sharing economy type of website that allows users to procure and share clothing, using the items as a tool by tagging quality brands to help increase their influencer reach. S​he sees true, sustainable wardrobe going beyond wear and believes in utilizing existing resources to benefit visual culture in a digital age, while consciously cutting clutter and wasteful retail costs.

    broken image
    broken image

    This party was so fun! Jennifer of Creative Queso podcast invited me up and I have never seen so many caftans in one place (except my own closet LOLs). On the way up to Austin for the party, I stopped at several thrift stores and grabbed some goodies. Check out my instagram page and you tube channel for more pics and videos of the thrift haul--IT WAS EPIC.

    broken image

    Thrift Trip to Austin

    S4E4: When Thrifters Thrift with Michelle

    broken image

    Michelle has an interesting and inspiring story to tell, starting back when she was just a young teenage needing gas money. She got her first job at a thrift store close to home and realized quickly she was in love with the environment of thrift. She pitched herself as a "thrift stylist" to the store's administrators and they took her up on it (always go for it!). Both the store and Michelle were huge successes and did TV features teaching people to style for less. After parting ways years later, Michelle continues to do freelance styling and you can be styled by her--contact here .

    broken image


    Michelle created the When Thrifters Thrift Instagram account to connect with and be inspired by other thrifters. Her goal is to have fun by curating and re-posting Outfit of the Day (OOTD) photos of colorful thrift stylists and icons from all over the globe. She strives to make it body, gender, ethnicity, class, and age diverse, seeing it as an inclusive and uplifting community for thrifters by thrifters. Go join the fun!


    S4E3: Let's Go Thrifting with Lexi

    broken image

    Meet Lexi!

    of Lexi Goes Thrifting

    Lexi is based out of Denver CO and sells vintage clothing through LGT Vintage Shop and helps run the Old School Cool Vintage Market in Denver. She expresses her complex personality through funky outfits and loves vintage clothes and furnishings. She also describes being a "mental health warrior" running a business with Major Depressive Disorder and ADD, which she openly discusses in her blog and Instagram posts.



    broken image

    Lexi's Mission


    Her mission is to empower every person to fully express themselves by making vintage clothing affordable, accessible, and fun for folks of all identities and sizes, and de-stigmatizing mental health issues--And of course inspire others to go thrifting!

    broken image


    Elton John Honky Chateau



    Five Nagel's out of five. I thrifted this album at Half Price Books for $.95 cents and have gotten so much play out of it, and as I samples the tracks for you I am sure you can see why. With hits like Rocketman how can you go wrong? Definately pick this gem up if you run across it in the thrifting wild. And remember what Elton himself said, get help when you need help for mental wellness.


    For history on this record, visit Wikipedia.


    This episode is sponsored by Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thrifttherapy/support

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    A question I often get asked by those wishing to join the mental health field is about what different designations mean in terms of education and access, and how to choose which path to follow. What I generally say is that there is a sort of hierarchy of mental health therapists (NOTE: all licensed clinicians are required by each state they practice in to take appropriate compressive exams to practice):

    • Psychiatrists: National Average $125/hour, requires the most schooling, with a 8-11 years (PHD and MD required) post undergraduate education being required, medical model, dispenses medication, conducts assessments in clinics, hospitals, and or private practice
    • Psychologists:National Average $90/hour for clinical practice plus salaries for teaching etc., Doctorate of Philosophy PhD in Psychology required (forensic, clinical, etc), 5 plus years post undergraduate,scientist-practitioner model, research, teach, conduct assessment, talk therapy in clinics, hospital and/or private practice,
    •   Doctor of Psychology PSY-D National Average $90/hour plus salaries for teaching etc., may be obtained in about 4 plus years post undergraduate, less emphasis on research, practitioner model, research, teach, conduct assessment, talk therapy in clinics, hospital and/or private practice
    • Master's of Science/Arts Clinicians: National Average $90/hour, Licensed professional Counselors (LPC), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), practitioner model, talk therapy in clinics, hospital and/or private practice ( in some cases one might teach at university level and  conduct  research).



    It is important to seek mental health support if you have been struggling with an issue for more than a few weeks, are feeling suicidal or homicidal, or have a need to talk something out. Here are a few resources that can help you start the therapy journey. And remember, finding a good therapist is a matter of personal fit and can take more than one visit, or even one person. Be as thoughtful about your mental wellness as you are about criticizing yourself! YOU ARE WORTH IT!

    S4E2: Thrifted Outfit Repeating with Hannah Rupp

    broken image

    This episode is sponsored by
    · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app
    Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thrifttherapy/support

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    On this second episode of season 4, I review a record I thrifted by Eric Robertson Presents of a whole bunch of instrumental eighties movies ' theme songs (contest alert) and set down with Hannah Rupp of The Outfit Repeater--we talk Instagram, positivity, weight loss and plus size thrifting.


    RECORD CONTEST__ first person to name (on Instagram thread) all the movies/shows in the mashup gets a free $20 thrift bag!


    Meet Hannah Rupp, as seen on the internet as #TheOutfitRepeater! Likes include thrifting, cats, pizza, and advocating for 1980s fashion. The Outfit Repeater is a great resource for outfit inspiration, tutorials, clothing hauls, thrifted, vintage, and affordable fashion.



    broken image

    Hannah Says:

    Mantra Words are good!

    When asked about her positive psychology approach to life, she described using a "mantra word" to motivate and inspire her each day. Her word is SHINE! So I thought, what would mine be? I came up with GROW. What do you think yours is?

    S4E1: Thrift "Inspirer" Beth Jones

    broken image

    Kicking off Season 4 with a record review of Dusty Springfield "Wishin' and Hopin'" I bought for 99 cents at a Salvation Army, and I gave it 5 Nagels because her voice, her Swinging Sixties vibe, and my all time favorite song "You Don't Own me" all cam with my dollar--WHAT A DEAL! My copy is pretty scratched but if you want your own copy, here ya go:




    Beth of BJONES STYLE fame drops by Thrift Therapy to discuss all things thrift: Why does she have so many coats when she lives in CA? Remember the ones that got away (thrifted stuff you put back and later regretted) ? And what about that amazing fringe sequin jacket she found? WE ARE ALL DEAD it was that good. And she tells in her own words what "always play dressup!" means to her, which turns it has to do with inspiration (not influencing)!





    I also participated i the #slowfashionchallenge this past month on Instagram and want to give a shout out to the sustainability champions who hosted it, thanks Amy and Louise! It was fun and educational, and as I said, I wish I could have participated even more. Check out their repurposed jewelry and ethically made travel gear at:





    S E A S O N 4 : Thrift Influencer Series

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    NORBYAH: "Reminding you that the best trends are already in your closet."


    Norbyah drops by the podcast to talk all things thrifting. She is an Instagram thriftfluencer going by @imanorbyah and is a self proclaimed " Thrifter. Vintage lover and preloved wearer. " She also resides in Hong Kong, is a mother and a teacher and a sustainable living advocate. Her international vibe can be seen in her ecclectic style and worldly wisdom. We hope you enjoyed out talk! See below for things we mentioned. 


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    go follow her on Instagram!




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    Norbyah  cohosts a popular hashtag that prompts thrifters to shop their own closet for the runway trends of the season. Each season, they generate a list of trends for us to copy and style up, use the hashtag #trendsinyourcloset and tag her and her cohost @annazon




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    ngo: REDRESS


    We talked about giving on the show and NORBYAH gives her time Redress,which is a Hong Kong based environmental NGO. Their instagram is @getredressed. The website is: www.redress.com.hk They also have their own sustainable clothing brand called The R Collective (@thercollective).


    Redress hosts an annual sustainable fashion show called the Redress Design Award. They've just announced the finalists for the next cycle. The show takes place each year in September.


    Here's the website: www.redressdesignaward.com