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    Thrift Therapy

    { a conversational podcast about the psychology of thrift }

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    Thrifting as a lifestyle movement goes beyond mere consumption; thrifting (scouring the planet for secondhand goods) is used as a way to recycle, repurpose, create, collect, diversify, live sustainably, make meaning, and make/save money.


    I have been part of this movement for over 30 years and use my thrifting skills to meet almost all of my family's consumer needs, from home goods and fashion, to making art and having fun. Plus, it is my favorite and most sustained way to do self care and affirm my values.


    As a therapist by trade, I love to do a deep dive into the psychology of all kinds of topics, including thrifting. So what makes this podcast unique is my educated deconstruction of thrift processes, and honed ability to help people express their minds authentically and with humor.


    Join us as we openly discuss thrift related ideas and issues, such as do-it-yourself projects, collecting obsessions, vintage restoration, parsing goods, environmental ethics, and reselling adventures. XOXO, LaVee



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